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tv   Dateline NBC  NBC  April 29, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

7:00 pm ones testing them. >> why don't we just put 20. >> to see if they'll cheat. >> does anybody know who she is? >> while our cameras and their parents watch. >> oh, my gosh. >> would your child give into temptation? >> he changed his answer. >> i don't like that. >> we'll tell you what you might be doing wrong. and show you how to do it right. >> i want you to be a strong
7:01 pm
person and stand up for yourself. >> please, put away your phone. >> he's doing what i taught him to do. >> put away your phone. captions paid for by nbc-universal television welcome to "dateline," everyone. we all want our kids to shine in school and on the playing field. how do we make sure they do well on their own and not by cheating? natalie morales joins us now with some important information that could help as we continue our hidden camera look at the secret life of your children. >> lester, everyone knows the key to success is hard work. unfortunately, as some kids discovered, cheating is easier. but there are things that you can do to raise a kid who doesn't cheat. you may think that your kids would never take the easy way out but watch and learn. >> every day, every class. >> just turn to the
7:02 pm
or another. >> it's an open secret in just about every american school. >> i'm up all night studying and then they're cheating. it makes me feel like my hard work is for something. >> experts call it an epidemic. students say it's an art. >> they try to be a better cheater than to be a better student. >> i've seen girls write in the slits of their skirts. >> they'll put pieces of paper for answers in their boots. >> write on the inside of water bottles. >> most clever form of cheating i've ever seen is kids using american sign language. >> the teacher is oblivious can you simply look at a friend and be like what is number three? >> the techniques may change but cheating has been around as long as teachers have been giving tests. >> when you're really given a conflict, what are you going to do? >> rosalynn wiseman is an expert in teen dynamics and the author of "owning up," a school based curriculum that teaches ethics. some think cheating is a
7:03 pm
victimless crime, she tells kids what's really at stake. >> if you cheat at a certain point your knowledge or lack of knowledge or lack of ability is going to come forward. and not only will you be punished, but people will think that you're a fraud. >> that's what happened last fall in a new york suburb where teens from some top rated high schools were arrested for cheating on the s.a.t. they're charged with getting paid to take the test for other students. all have pleaded not guilty and the case has forced the s.a.t. to tighten test security. >> the bottom line is however you look at it, it's very prevalent. >> eric anderman is a professor of educational psychology at ohio state university. he analyzed 50 years of data on cheating trends and says that by the time students graduate from high school today, 80% to 85% of them have cheated at least once. >> not everyone but most are doing something that most of us would consider an act of cheating.
7:04 pm
>> do you think parents are aware of how extensive cheating is? >> no. i really don't. i think most of us think that our sons or daughters won do. that. >> while we would all like to think my kid would never cheat, you're about to meet some brave parents would are actually willing to find out. all of them say they talk about honesty at home. but is message getting through? tonight, we'll watch to see if their kids can resist the bad behavior that's all around. with our hidden cameras rolling, we'll put cheating to the test. when confronted with chance to dge a score -- or cheat on a quiz -- >> i think it's c. put c. >> what will these good kids do? >> we cheated so much. >> oh, well. >> and will anyone tell truth about it later? >> so everything is totally -- that's honest times and honest scores?
7:05 pm
we start in a middle school gym to find out what these kids will do about cheating in sports. they're here to audition for an ultimate challenge tv show for kids. at least that's what they say. >> my name is brianna. >> i'm natasha. >> my name is anthony. >> we run them through a series of challenges. we will emphasize that they need to do well or they're out. >> if you cannot do better than 30 seconds, you're probably not going to make it. >> what they don't know is we rigged the gym with hidden cameras and planted an actress in the group to cheat. >> hi, my name is lauren. >> despite what we heard about how common cheating is, this dad is confident his son anthony would never do it. >> he's a good student. s very athletic, he's very competitive. >> does he play by the rules? >> 100%. he plays by the rules. i think today he'll get upset if he finds someone cheating.
7:06 pm
>> brianna's daughters has a strong moral compass. >> i think she strug wells peer pressure. in a peer pressure situation where perhaps others are goating her to cheat, how do you think she may respond? >> i don't see her cheating. because she has too much of a guilty conscience, i think. >> and natasha's mom says her daughter is not likely to be pushed around. >> don't think that she'll allow someone to make her lie or cheat. that's my gut instinct. so if i find out otherwise, i'll be very surprised. >> are you getting nervous? >> we'll be watching on monitors in a room not far away. what will these kids do when they think no one is looking? >> i'm putting 19. >> whether we come back, the moment of truth for kids. >> no. >> and the parents. >> pressure. >> "when my kid would never do that" continues. hi, mom. i got it. [ male announcer ] bravo, alex. you're officially an actress. and waitress, dog walker and flier-hander-outer. but mostly an actress. you just booked the
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thaez parents watch to see if their kids will be tempted to cheat middle schoolers think they're competing for a spot on an ultimate challenge show for kids. cheating researcher eric anderman says having something big at stake is what motivates some kids to bend the rules. >> it's really, you know, what is the carrot at the end of the stick? what's the incentive? if the incentive is big enough for them, then they will cheat. >> so something like being cast on a tv show probably enough of a carrot there. >> absolutely. >> the kids don't know we've hired an actress to cheat for the group. our coach explains the competition. >> go! >> the whole group has to race through the obstacle course as fast as possible. then record their times on the board. the best score will be the lowest. >> i will take the best score out of those five and that's the
7:11 pm
score that i will give you. >> there are two important rules. >> when you knock over a hurdle, you have to start all over. >> and no hands to go faster on the scooters. >> and you do not use your hands. >> the coach puts our actress lauren the cheater in charge of the clock then leaves the group alone. >> i'm working on the honor system here because they need me with the other kids. on the first run through, everyone follows the rules. when natasha knocks over a hurdle -- >> how do i put that back up? >> start over. >> she fixes it and starts again. >> go back! >> but the next time through the obstacle course, our actress encourages everyone to go faster by using their hands on the scooter. in other words, cheat. >> your hands a little bit. like -- >> brianna objects. >> no. >> she's telling her to use her hands. she's like no. no. >> seriously?
7:12 pm
>> the group finishes the obstacle course in 33 seconds. our cheater wants to lie and write down a faster time? >> how about if we just put 29. >> brianna speaks up again, trying to keep the group honest. >> no. >> come on. one second. >> i don't think that's -- i don't want to be a party popper. >> god, the pressure. >> now our actor goes around to the other side of the board and finds some fake scores we planted from a competing team. >> guys, look at the scores on the back. >> what? >> 20? >> this group thinks the other team did the course much faster. so our cheater goes ahead and lies about their time. writing down 9 29 instead of 33. but as his father predicted, anthony won't let her do it. >> no. no. 33. >> in account fa, he stops the cheating by erasing the false time and writing the correct one. 33 seconds. >> oh, no. this is 33.
7:13 pm
>> so far, so good. but the competition isn't over yet. another run through the obstacle course and natasha again knocks over a hurdle. a clear no-no. this time when our cheater tells her to ignore the rules and keep going -- >> keep going. keep going. >> oh. >> to her mother's surprise, she does. >> she kept going. >> oh, no. >> how did do you? >> okay. >> our coach come back to give them the next test, try to do the highest number of jumping jacks in ten seconds. >> jumping jacks. how many can you do in ten seconds? good luck. >> once the coach is out of the room, three, two, one. go! >> our actress lauren the start boosting the numbers. >> 14, 15, 16. >> natasha does 16. >> i'm going to put 19. >> what? >> i'm putting 19. >> lauren writes down 19. and this time no one says a word. brianna who tried to stop the
7:14 pm
cheating earlier doesn't look happy. >> brianna really seemed to be pressured to me. >> and just like that, the cheater has taken control. >> 15, 16, 17. >> this boy does 20 jumping jacks. but our actress wants to write down more. anthony stood up to her moments earlier but now -- >> 21? >> anthony caved and shrug as she wrote down a false number, 21. others stay quiet, too. >> do you see what is happening here? they're all, like, agreeing? >> yeah. just going with the flow. >> putting numbers up that are not right. >> something is going on with him. he's very quiet. >> how was it? when i go in, they think i'm the host of the fake ultimate challenge show. they tell me the scores are all correct. in fact, they say lauren did a gret great job as score keeper? >> she was good with that? she got the right every time? really?
7:15 pm
let's see if they stick to that story when they hear this is not an audition. you're going to be on tv but the show is "date line" nbc and it's a special report on cheating. and we have cameras throughout the room. your parents have been watching. >> did you actually do 21 jumping jacks? >> no, 19. >> 19? >> yeah. >> why did you go along with 21? >> peer pressure. >> yeah, peer pressure. >> i was trying to, like, go against her and say 19. four out five people said no, let's go up. >> so you went with the max? >> yeah. because we want to get on the show. >> brianna says while she clearly knew the cheating was wrong, speaking up just got too hard. >> i didn't feel like i had a say. they were the ones that were taking over. it didn't feel right. it's complicated. >> it doesn't surprise me she would say that. she talks about peer pressure a
7:16 pm
lot. i think she struggles with it. >> do you think you have -- >> it's a story that rosalynn wiseman has heard before. >> it is complicated. she was trying. it wasn't working. it made her feel like what is the point of speaking out when i'm just going to be overridden? >> very apparent. here are your parents. >> i think it's really important for parents to realize how powerful group dynamics are. not just for kids, but for all of us. >> do you realize what was going on with the numbers and everything like that? >> yeah. >> okay. >> so for these kids and parents, a loss son learned. >> so as a father now, what do you talk to him about when you're driving home today? >> this was peer pressure. and it was with five other kids. each went along with the flow. he didn't put a stop to it. and that's something that we need to bring up and talk to our children. >> we'll see. >> we'll see. >> we got another group of parents ready to find out if their kids have what it takes to
7:17 pm
stand up to the cheater. and this time, we meet a mom who makes a surprising prediction. >> do you think she's going to join them? >> yeah. >> in the cheating? will her daughter prove her wrong? >> coming up -- >> you don't want to be on tv? >> i do. >> miranda's big decision. will she do the right thing? the new taurus is going to blow people away.... starting with the guys who built it. this taurus is pretty serious. i can't believe they're actually going to let me drive it. all right, it's got what? 360 horsepower. 365 horsepower. so this is 365 horsepower. all while delivering really great fuel economy. so we're getting great fuel economy? cuz that's what i'm thinking about right now.
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group of parents prepare to watch their kids struggle with an ethical dilemma. what will happen when they're given a chance to cheat? >> hi, i'm julia. >> hi, my name is xavier. >> miranda's mother knows how powerful peer pressure can be.
7:21 pm
she says her daughter is the go along to get along type. and suspects she just might join the cheaters. >> i think miranda might even help them do it. >> you think she's going to join them? >> yeah. >> in the cheating. >> i love her to death. she is so kind. she would -- people pleaser. she wants to make everybody happy. >> the parents of xavier and julia think the opposite. predicting their kids will stand up to the cheaters. >> i'm thinking she's not going to follow the crowd if they're doing something that's inappropriate or that she knows i wouldn't approve of. but i guess we'll find out. >> the kids race through the obstacle course as fast as they can. and the first time through they do it in 40 seconds. >> that's 40. >> but later, the actress we planted to cheat wants to change the time to 34.
7:22 pm
right away, miranda speaks up. >> who wants to be on a tv show? >> i want to be truthful about it. >> that's huge to be able to speak out like that. >> they do the open stick will course again. this time in 29 seconds. and listen to what miranda says when our cheater writes down 20 instead. >> you don't want to be on tv? >> i do, but like i said, i don't want to be a liar. >> and she's not finished yet. >> 18, 19 -- >> when miranda does 19 jumping jacks. >> let's just put 20. >> i'd rather keep it 19. >> it's not like something you can't do. >> i'd rather put 19. >> i'm just saying, who wants to be on a tv show. >> i will, but not like that. >> what do you mean not like that? they're not going to know. >> i will know and i cannot live with the guilt. >> good for her. >> she's giving that girl a hard time. she's getting angry. >> all right. i'm going to put 20 and move on. >> no. >> why not? fine, i'll put 19. >> thank you. >> she is ticked right now.
7:23 pm
look at her face. >> and when our coach comes back and looks at the times they got on the obstacle course. >> nice. >> miranda ses mom is shocked bha happened. >> it wasn't truthful. >> what do you mean? it wasn't 20. >> oh, my god. >> miranda is showing you up here. >> she is. very much so. i'm very proud of her. she definitely makes the right decisions when the time is right. i'm impressed. i'm very impressed. proud my girl. >> then i tell them why they are really here. we're doing a show on cheating. and your parents have been watching. so they're actually very proud of you because you guys did call lauren out on cheating. >> good job. >> miranda, your mom owes you a little bit of an apology. >> i'm proud of you. >> miranda didn't know her mother was watching today but rosalynn wiseman says when talking to kids about ethics, it's a good idea to tell them to simply imagine being watched all the time. >> i always think about who is the person we respect the most in our life. just as we're about to do
7:24 pm
something that we're thinking is it ethical? they'll know you have that person in your head. basically acting like that camera and thinking if this person saw me right now doing that, how would that feel? >> i didn't think i would react that way. >> miranda's mother leaves correct and proud. and while her daughter did the right thing today, rosalynn says there is more that parents should be talking about with their kids. she says in the real world, standing up for what's right is not always popular. >> what are you going to say to people who might get angry at you because you come forward and done the right thing? you know, you can't guarantee people are going to thank you for it. >> there's no doubt that standing up to cheaters is hard. but it may be even tougher in our next test. we're leaving the gym to take a test in the library. and students tell us that most kids think cheating in school is no big deal. >> people go crazy. people cheat on sports. but in school, i don't think
7:25 pm
people care as much. >> no one cares if people cheat in school. >> cheating researcher eric anderman -- is there a difference in cheating in sports and 5:00 dem snikz. >> there's a difference in terms of what is tolerated. you're a bad sport if you cheat in sports. whereas in a classroom, for some kids, it's actually makes them cool to be seen as cheating on academic kind of things. >> we hired two new actors to play the cheaters. what will happen when they do this? >> put c. >> i put d. >> you put d? >> oh, my gosh! >> when we come back, everybody's doing it, or at least it seems that way. >> are you sure? all right. >> and after the test, the lessons begin. >> you're not in trouble. okay? everyone take a deep breath. when "my kid would never do that" continues. [ male announcer ] aggressive styling. a more fuel-efficient turbocharged engine. and a completely redesigned
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when it would benefit their own team. >> i will know. i cannot live with the guilt. >> now we're in a school library and both experts and kids tell us cheating in school is the norm. >> so many students see it as so prevalent, so common, so prolific that they don't see it as really a big, big transgression. >> these parents are hoping that their kids would never cheat. but are they ready to find out? >> if you're not honest with yourself, you dig yourself a hole. >> i know, i'm so excited. >> sasha's mother says he is a happy go lucky, friendly kid. while they rarely discuss cheating, they talk about honesty all the time. >> they have to be very honest with not only yourself but your friends and your family. >> what are your predictions for what might happen today? >> i hope he does the right thing. >> did you see that katie perry died her hair?
7:30 pm
>> emma says her daughter is a smart student. she remembers what happened back in elementary school when a classmate tried to copy emma's work. >> did she tell the cheaters at that time? >> she did. >> but will she speak up today? >> how do you think she'll react? >> i think she'll be very stressed. i think she'll be really nervous. >> and while giann's mom thinks her daughter will resist the temptation to cheat, she admits she's not sure. >> kids act differently when they're not with their moms. >> thank you so much for coming today. >> sasha, gianna and emma think they're here to be tested on pop culture. a dry run our producer tells them for a game show nbc is developing. we need your help in trying to develop this new show. >> the questions will be about tv shows and music, lighthearted stuff. but it's the competition that experts say motivates some kids to cheat. the parents are watching as we
7:31 pm
give these kids their first test, an individual quiz. >> we want to get a sense of how much you know by yourself. >> any student knows that means no talking. hidden cameras are rolling and our producer says there is pin drop silence until the two actors we hired to cheat break the rules. >> number six, i think it's c. do you think it's c? >> i put d. >> you put d? >> as her mother predicted, emma looked nervous. >> i just saw her look at the door. >> she did. >> is somebody watching? >> but sasha, the social butterfly, joins the conversation with the cheaters. >> "glee," right? >> i think houston. >> all right. >> emma, serious student tries to tell the group to stop talking. but they keep chatting. >> you might be right. hold on.
7:32 pm
i kind of want to change that now. >> then change it to b. >> and watch what sasha does now. >> oh, my gosh! >> so sasha changed the answer. >> but they were all talking to him, too, comparing. so it's not like he was the only one. >> how did you feel? >> i don't like that. >> time for their next assignment, a group test. >> you have to collectively decide what you can do. >> okay. >> we put our actors in charge of writing down the answers they'll come up with together. >> yes! >> and now that they're no longer cheating, emma seems to relax. >> prince william got married earlier this year. what is the name his new wife? >> kate middleton. >> we watched the royal wedding. >> okay. >> they're getting along so well that next challenge they're going to get is going to be tough for anybody. it's going to be hard for them to confront. >> we rig the group test with a
7:33 pm
second cheating temptation, an answer sheet is stapled to the back the quiz. when our actress finds it, it will look like our mistake. so as the questions get harder -- >> each of these young stars give the names of their famous siblings. >> our actress pretends to discover the cheat sheet we planted. >> these are the answers. >> and instead of protesting, sasha appears to be celebrating the group's good fortune. >> these are the answers. >> he excitedly reads off the cheat sheet. >> name four judges on nbc's "the voice." >> adam levine -- >> he is celebrating that there are answers to the questions. >> i'm very uncomfortable about it. but he'll learn from this experiment, that's for sure. >> as the group copies down answers, emma starts to look uneasy again. especially when they discuss what might happen later when their quiz gets checked. >> they're going to be like oh,
7:34 pm
they're really smart. that's how you get on. >> it makes me feel sad she doesn't feel comfortable enough to say don't do that. >> how are you guy? >> did you have fun doing this? >> yeah. >> i let them squirm a little. >> you really seem to know your pop culture. very good. then tell them what our show is really about. this is actually a show on nbc but it's a show on cheating. we have hidden cameras all around the room. and your parents have been watching. >> i was going to say oh, my gosh. >> emma admits right away it is one younger kids in the library, she felt helpless. >> i didn't think we should cheat. but since they're 16, i was kind of like embarrassed to say anything. >> rosalynn wiseman comes in to say what they did is typical for kids their age. >> you are not in trouble, okay?
7:35 pm
so everybody take a deep breath. >> she says with so many kids in schools cheating, it can start to seem normal, even necessary even though it's wrong. >> i should have said something. but i was kind of -- i didn't really want to say something. >> is honesty important to your parents? like super important? >> uh-huh. >> right? and then you get into these situations and it's a lot trickier, right? i know that parents like to talk about it's important that you're honest. don't lie. but we don't give them a context sometimes for what that's going to look like. and so cheating is a specific way of being dishonest. so i would be very specific with their kids about what honesty looks like to you. >> hello. >> she says tell kids point blank cheating equals lying. so in this case, it's a learning experience for both mother and son. >> you've got a voice. use it. find a way to make a wrong into a right and not participate. don't get, you know, easy to get sucked into a bad situation.
7:36 pm
but this situation came up again. are you going to remember what happened here? >> i'll probably tell them stop. >> probably? >> no, i will tell them to stop. >> good lesson learned. good job. want to go get ice cream? >> but there's another group of kids waiting in the wings and this time the cheating escalates to a whole new level. >> coming up -- >> we cheated so much. >> it's no big deal. >> oh, but it is. >> this is an nbc "dateline" show we're doing about cheating and your parents have been watching you guys. how douy gous feel? >> busted. every morning is the same. we say hi to mrs. williams... >> when "date osline" continues. and their momma merge... and the one bright spot, mcdonald's... where we get one of those sweet and creamy iced coffees. -enjoy. -thank you. caramel. everyday! ♪ ♪ hazelnut? [ male announcer ] mccafe iced coffee. vanilla. hazelnut. or caramel. the choice is yours. tomorrow we're
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can you tell the cullin family from the kardashians? >> my favorite show is "america's got talent." >> my favorite show is "ant farm." >> they're here to try out for a new pop culture show for kids. but that's just a rues. they're parents have brought them to this school library for a demonstration about cheating. and they're about to be confronted with the dilemma that their moms and dads never had to think about back when they were in high school. >> people use the internet on their phones all the time.
7:41 pm
they pull it out during class. click a button. >> you can get the answer that you want. >> technology is really sort of the new frontier when it comes to cheating. >> kids are using technology so often in such integrated ways to get information about everything. but when you are specifically told do not use them and you use them anyway, then you're cheating. >> before the quiz, we make sure to give them this important instruction. >> you cannot have any cell phones for answers. >> kyle is an honor roll student who has been promised his first cell phone as a reward for good grades. have you talked to him about cheating and the consequences of cheating? >> yes, we do. if you see a friend of yours doing something that you feel is not right, you need to say to him this isn't right. i'm walking away from you. i'm not doing what you're doing. >> jasmine's mother says she's been trying to teach her daughter to stand her ground with other kids. but she's not sure what will happen today. what if she goes along with the
7:42 pm
cheating and if she participates? how will you feel about that? >> i'm not going to be angry. that just goes to show me that there's more we have to work on, more we have to talk about. >> jasmine and kyle are in the library with 12-year-old abby and the actors we hired to cheat. our producer tells the group that the higher they score, the more likely they'll get a shot at being on the show. >> we'll ask the group that does well to come back and audition for it. >> we leave them alone, hidden cameras rolling. and our cheaters quickly break the first rule. no talking during the individual test. >> we put higher numbers to increase our chances. >> probably. >> and once the cheaters are talking -- >> wait. you said justin bieber. >> jade ensmithn smith. >> oh, kyle. >> emma watson and emma roberts. >> it's a quiz about pop stars.
7:43 pm
it's not a.p. history. but still it's clear these kids know what they're doing is cheating. listen to what kyle says. >> i don't think we're supposed to be talking. >> and, yet, all of them, including kyle, keep going. >> does anybody know who this is? >> i don't think we're supposed to be talking yet he's still asking the questions. >> no. it's i-carly. >> now they're all comparing answers. >> mine is asking all the questions. >> next, the group project. sharing allowed. >> what position does derek jeter play for new york yankees? >> shortstop. >> the kids work together as the questions get tougher. >> name the parents of the cullin family. >> put a question mark. >> name all kardashians in order from oldest to youngest. >> i don't know. >> there is kim. >> kim, ckhloe is the oldest. >> no. >> the actors propose a new way
7:44 pm
to cheat. >> does anybody have their phone? >> i don't even have a phone. >> i still have mine. >> give me yours. >> no. >> just a little? >> no. >> and while kyle and the real kids have voiced reservations, the actors take out the phone anyway. >> what if she walks in? >> you watch the door. >> no one tells them to stop. >> in order it's kris, kourtney, kim and kiley. >> she was just going with it. she's going with the flow. >> i'm surprised she hasn't spoken up more. i'm a little disappointed, actually. >> the name of the parents of the corn family. come on, kyle. say something. >> what would you like to have him have done? >> put the phone away. i don't want to get in trouble. >> do you think in this situation you would do that? >> now? yes. >> we cheated so much. >> it probably doesn't matter.
7:45 pm
>> when the quiz is over, these kids reveal something that makes their parents happier. the conversation turns to smoking and drugs. >> i don't think a lot of people would do that. >> hi, guys. how are you? how do you think they'll explain the answers we know they looked up online? >> the kardashians? i'm impressed. >> we watch the kardashians from new york. >> oh, okay. so you knew all the kardashians? >> i knew a lot of them. >> really? i wonder if they watch "dateline." >> this is an nbc "dateline" show we're doing about cheating and your parents have been watching you guys. how do you feel? >> busted. >> all of them say it was the heat of the moment. they acted like they normally wouldn't.
7:46 pm
>> my stock 5:00mach was turning. >> taking out the phone and finding papers is something i don't like to do. >> so what should a teenager do when other kids cheat? rosalynn wiseman comes in with some advice. >> it's not like you're going to see somebody cheat and say oh, my gosh! you're cheating. that is so bad. that is against the school rules. don't you though that? you have to stop that right now. then you sound like some kind of after school special that is weird. right? >> much better, she says, be short but firm. >> you don't have to be all like long winded sentences about it. look, seriously, stop. right? in your own words. let's say miles is looking up the answer. >> we asked kyle to role play with our actor and give ut a try. >> so annoying. he's not listening. >> right. >> stop. >> do you think you could do that? >> yes. like with my friends, i would definitely do it. >> what do you think? >> kyle is relieved when his mother says he still gets to buy that cell phone he's been promised. >> did you learn anything from this? >> yeah. >> but jasmine is nervous.
7:47 pm
what will she say when she faces her mom? >> i lied for like everyone. we all lied for each other. i feel guilty about that. >> coming up, one final test. >> his name means to be truthful and honest, upright and righteous. >> but can he live up to that name? and coming up friday on "dateline," "while they were sleeping." their wedding was perfect. >> you wait for all your life. you feel like a princess. >> their marriage, too. >> they completed each other. >> until it ended with a gunshot in the master bedroom. >> i could see him. >> hard to get that one out of your head, isn't it? >> yeah. >> who would want him dead and why did she escape without a scratch? was this princess bride now a prime suspect? >> person that you love is dead and then you're being looked at for it.
7:48 pm
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what if she walks in? >> we watched this group of teens blatantly cheat on a test, looking up answer onz a cell phone. >> this is a "dateline" show we're doing about cheating. and they just found out that their parents saw it all go down on hidden camera. the whole time my stomach is turning and my heart is beating. >> my heart is beating still. >> jasmine is disappointed in herself and feels she let her
7:52 pm
mother down. >> hi. >> hi. >> we reunite them in the library. >> i feel guilty. >> why do you feel guilty? >> because i lied for like everyone. we all lied for each other. i feel guilty about that. >> how does it mach you feel? >> it makes me cry because she's crying. >> but this mom knows her daughter's heart is in the right place. the rest just takes practice. >> first of all, you're here because i want you to realize how important it is for you to be strong, to be a strong person and really stand up for yourself and tolerate. not everybody does it. there are adults that don't do it. i know it's hard. i've been there. >> i mean you really know what you stand for. >> yes. >> they said i don't really know why i cheated. i was raised better than that. you know, i know that that's wrong but i did it anyway. that's an amazingly important experience for a kid to have. and then be able to talk about it with their mom or their dad. >> we put these kids through pretty tough situations.
7:53 pm
if the tables were turned, how do you think the grownups would react? >> i think they would do the same thing. easy to look at kids and say oh, that's kids doing that. this is something we often can get caught up in easily. >> so what can be done to reduce cheating in schools and make it easier for honest kids to stand their ground? cheating researcher and education professor eric anderman says there is a proven solution. >> how can we reduce cheating? >> i know this is a tall order, but in deemphasizing the absolute total importance of the grade. i mean that really is the bottom line, motivation to get grades is one of the strongest predictors of whether or not kids cheat or not. >> research shows that when schools and parents talk more about knowledge than grades, cheating goes down. >> in other words, you got a c. you didn't learn all the material. you're going to have to go back and learn the material and retake the test and get an a. the goal here is not for me to say you're a c student. the goal to learn the stuff. >> if you're focus on grades, grades, grades with your kid,
7:54 pm
they're going to hear you. you're contributing to a situation where they will more likely cheat. and that is something that the hard thing for parents to hear. but you really have to hear it. >> so with our next group of students, we put that idea to the test. this time when our producer gives instructions, we make the audition less competitive. no longer stressing the importance of just getting the answers right. >> all we need to know from you is what you know. okay? you can get it wrong. it's okay. that's also helpingful. >> will it make a difference? at the table are twin sisters and an honor student who told her mom she doesn't like it when other kids try to copy her work. >> she felt very bad. she felt somebody was cheating off her. that was doing them a disservice because they're not learning by that. >> and 11-year-old anktra. >> actually, his name means to be truthful and honest, upright and righteous. >> can tra live up to that big name?
7:55 pm
he's the youngest kid we're testing today. >> i'll give you a few minutes to do it. okay? >> once again, the actors start cheating during the individual test. and the twins go along helping each other out. >> that fraternal bond. >> should have split the twins you. >> what is the name of justin bieber's new perfume? >> now as they're all working together on the group project, the cheaters pull out the cell phone to look up an answer. >> hold on. let's just look it up. >> no, don't. >> kathy and tra are adamant, don't do it. >> no. it's fine. you don't have to. >> i think -- >> please don't. please don't. >> it's okay. >> it's the boldest pushback we've seen in the library yet. >> okay. please put away your phone much please put away your phone. >> you can just watch the door.
7:56 pm
>> no. please. stop. no. >> can i have the cell phone? >> no. >> you better shut it off. >> number please, put away your phone. >> you want to get on the show, don't you? >> yeah, but i don't want to get on cheating. >> good. go sit down. >> put away your phone. >> okay. everybody happy? and when they fine find a cheat sheet we planted, cassie actually tries to take it from the cheater. >> come on. stop. >> remember, with this group, we deemphasized the importance of getting all the answers right. and it seemed to have made a difference. cassie appears so confident that cheating is unnecessary that when our producer comes back in -- she doesn't hesitate to tell the truth about what's going on. >> answers are on back it. we just want to let you know. >> cassie, what she did there tells me -- that is something you didn't expect.
7:57 pm
>> i really didn't expect it. >> you're here because we are doing a "dateline" episode about cheating. and your parents have been watching. >> look at you. >> you all did a great, great job. >> what's happened there doesn't surprise me a bit. when the emphasis is on knowledge, kids are not likely to cheat. zint buy it doesn't buy you anything. >> of course, grades will still be a part of school but experts say parents need to strike the right balance at home. >> raising kids who would never cheat is an enormous challenge. whether it's teaching them to stand up for what's right or to bounce back when they don't. >> good job. >> our children are going to do things that we're not proud of. i think it's important is that parents realize that parenting is a process. it's a journey. a long journey. >> natalie, the advice sounds solid. focus on learning not getting good grades.
7:58 pm
you an i both know kids are under a love pressure now. they need to get good test scores, good grades to get into a good college. so what's a parent to do? >> you have to start off when they're really young, really early on at a preschool age, before grades even come into the picture. put the emphasis on learning and knowledge. make it fun. make learning the own reward. as they get holder, hard as it might be, try not to get hung up on the numbers. your kids are nurunder enough pressure. really lester, it is really focusing on the effort, the learning, and not those numbers. >> these are enlitening stories. you have another enstallment of "my kid would never do that." what is it? >> this is a important topic. one we've been hearing and talking about a lot. what would your kid do or how would they handle a difficult situation involving discrimination? >> i hear jokes about hispanics, you know, being immigrants. >> and they're like oh, so you're a takerist? >> a sensitive subject. would your kid ever
7:59 pm
discriminate? >> i think a lot them look smart. >> courageous parents let their kids join in a special demonstration to find out. >> wow. >> a quiz show and a single contest. would teens speak out against this kind of peer pressure? >> she's a terrorist. >> or this? ♪ way you are ♪ >> he could be illegal. >> probably crossed the border. >> hard and important lessons learned for parents. >> i'm shocked. >> and kids. >> it's okay. >> i'm really, really sorry. >> you stood up there, buddy. >> it's a tough subject. we'll look forward to it. natalie, thanks very much. again, that's next sunday at 7:00, 6:00 central here on "dateline" much that's all for this edition of "dateline sunday".


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